The Projects Page

Here is a laundry list of projects, most of them are still running in the wild.

  • OpenAir Playlist Twitter Feed - This is a Twitter account that only displays the current song playing on the excellent Denver area new music radio station OpenAir. I've always been intrigued by the possibilities of leveraging Twitter as a "data dashboard." It's just easier to open my Twitter feed to find the name of a new song than it is to navigate to a website and load the playlist page.
  • SpiffyBot - As I build more IoT projects, I needed a way to store information in a database that was quick and easy. While there are many options currently available for data storage, I wanted to try my hand at rolling my own. SpiffyBot is the API that created for online data storage and retrieval.
  • MicroView Spirals - Pretty patterns on the SparkFun MicroView display. Code here.
  • WiFi Enabled 1950s Console HiFi - We purchased a very hip, retro Montgomery Ward Airline AM/FM radio with a record player on Craig’s List from the son of the original owners. Every bit of original instructions, packaging, tags & paperwork were included. It was in great shape, and it still worked. The turntable didn’t spin at the correct speed, but that just added to the drunken, Tom Waits vibe of the original piece. I wired in an Airport Express base station and modern amplifier into the exising console so that I can play music via iTunes through the console.